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Call Before you Dig
Solid Waste and Recycling Drop Off Centers
Beaufort County Public Works
Newspaper Recycling
A newspaper-recycling program has been implemented by the Solid Waste and Recycling Department (SWRD) of Beaufort County. Some of you may have noticed the containers labeled "Newspaper Only" at the Lady's Island Drop Off Center (Airport). The SWRD has negotiated to collect and ship newspapers directly to the recycler as opposed to having them hauled to Material Recycling Facility who processed them (for a fee) sand then sold them to the recycler. The County now gets direct payment for the recycled newspaper and does not pay for hauling or processing.
But your help and cooperation are needed. In the past, we placed newspapers, catalogues, magazines and paper bags in the same bin. Now it is "Newspaper Only". Catalogues, magazines, cardboard and corrugated boxes all go in the open container on the upper level. These will still be recycled, but at a different quality level.
Please help to make sure that the newspapers don't get contaminated.
Call before you DIG ~ It's the Law
For water and sewer line locates contact Harbor Island Utilities at
843-982-0405.  For all other utility line locates you must contact Palmetto Utility Protection Services at 888-721-7877. Before any digging is done you must call for line locates. If a line is damaged or broken, all repair expenses will be paid by the party that caused the damage.

Fire Hydrant Safety Concerns
The International Fire Codes, specifically #508.5.5, state that there will be a three (3) foot clear circumference around all fire hydrants, The Lady's Island/St. Helena Fire District in particular requires a five (5) foot clear circumference around fire hydrants. Clear meaning no shrubbery, lawn ornaments, fencing or debris of any kind within five (5) feet of a hydrant. Resident's of Harbor Island are asked to comply with this regulation for safety reasons.  Ready government is a website of the Department of Homeland Security and gives information about preparing for emergencies of all kinds, including hurricanes.