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Dolphin Stranding October 14, 2011
A dolphin became stranded behind Pelican Point around 5 pm DNR vet Al Segars with aid from several residents and rental guests moved the animal to deeper water where it safely waited for the tide to rise. All ended well.
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Horseshoe Crabs
On October 18, 2011 Harbor Island residents assisted South Carolina Department of Natural Resources personnel with banding Red Knots a species of bird that is on the threatened list.  Using a cannon net the birds were captured, banded and flags were placed on their legs. They were weighed and a feather was taken for DNA testing,  One hundred and fifty birds were banded and released.  None of the birds were injured in any way.
Dolphin Stranding on Harbor Dolphin Stranding on Harbor Dolphin Stranding on Harbor Least Tern Least Tern Least Tern
Least Tern New Born(s) New Born(s) New Born(s) New Born(s) New Born(s)
New Born(s) New Born(s) New Born(s) New Born(s) New Born(s) New Born(s)
New Born(s) New Born(s)